When managing a small number of units it is often easier to simply use the email link as shown below. When managing a larger number of devices we recommend using the to control and access devices from one place.

demo iot device

via Email Link

When a new device is enrolled you will be emailed a semi-permanent link to your unit's own webpage
If the email is lost or accidentally shared it can be changed at any time here

demo iot device

via Bookmark

Typically users will bookmark the email link in their browsers for quick access

via Username/Password

When managing a group of units, users can register their email address and password on and access all units from the one interface
Group programming and billing is also available via the interface

Help and Support

We aim to make using our products and services as simple as possible to use, but there will always be occasions were you need a helping hand. We offer interactive support on an individual system or group basis

iot system help

Help Page

We have a dedicated help page offering links to the interactive support and ticket system.
This page also has online instruction manuals showing how to do common tasks

iot device help button

Support Tickets

Open a support ticket directly from the Live Screen with your device ID already details already filled in

Interactive Support

As we provide a full turnkey connectivity and hardware solution, we're able to provide interactive fault finding which covers everything from hardware, setup, to network availability
Simply let us know the information you have and we'll find any problems via the website interface


We manufacture systems with
Cellular & WiFi connectivity

  • 0-36V Analogue Inputs
  • Onboard Pullups for Relay Contacts
  • Volt Free Relay & O/C Outputs
  • NB-IoT
  • UART/RS232/RS485 to Web


Manage all of your devices centrally at

  • Text to Speech Voice Calls
  • MP3 Voice Calls
  • Intercom Voice Calls
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Live 24/7 Remote View

Design and Integration

If your application requires further customisation we can customise both the hardware and software to your specification

  • PHP HTML Javascript Frontend
  • AC/DC Motor Control
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Air Quality Monitoring


"Off the Shelf" Hardware

These circuit boards are designed to be integrated into existing control and monitoring systems to instantly add remote connectivity

Supplied with preloaded SIM cards with up to 10 years of connectivity included, this is the fastest and easiest way to get your product onto the internet

Each device has its own user customisable webpage - groups of devices can be configured and managed from one page making estate wide changes easy

GSM and WiFi 2in/2out PCB
  • GSM & WiFi Connectivity
  • 2x 0-36V Inputs
  • Integrated Pullup Resistors
  • 2x Mains Rated AC/DC Output Relays
  • 11-24V AC/DC Operation


All NB-IoT, LTE and GSM remote control and monitoring PCBs are supplied with SIM cards valid on multiple networks throughout Europe. Text-to-speech/MP3 voice calls and SMS is available on every device including WiFi only units. Each input and output can be assigned a unique telephone number.
Outputs can be operated by SMS, dialing the telephone number or via the device's own web page.

GSM 8in/2out PCB
  • GSM (SIM Card) Connectivity
  • 8x 0-36V Inputs
  • Jumper Connected Pullups
  • 2x 500mA 50V Output Relays
  • 11-24V AC/DC Operation

8 Channel Remote Monitoring PCB

The D5P PCB can be given a client specific model number. This allows full access to new devices and settings for prescribed users without further setup
Typical usage examples are corporate security monitoring, PLC control panel manufacturers, facilities management plant maintenance.

remote link via the mobile network
  • Remote Control; Unlimited Distance
  • Multiple Inputs for each Output
  • Advanced Programmable Control
  • Any Cellular or WiFi System can be Integrated

Remote Link System

All of our products can be used with the Remote Link System. At it's simplest, the input contacts on any one of our PCBs can be used to control the output on another.
Effectively, a switch contact can be replicated anywhere is the world. A switch can be flicked in Birmingham UK and a light can come on in Birmingham Alabama USA!
Multiple inputs can control single outputs over any distance; ideal for controlling a centralised alarm for multiple sites.

IoT Server Services

Cloud SMS and Voice Calls for IoT Devices

Access to an individual system is available via a semi-permanent email link unique for each valid user. Users can also register their email address on and log in via email/password
When managing a group of devices all devices will be available through this portal. Devices in an alarm or error state will be highlighted

Guaranteed Conenctivity

As standard GSM and LTE-M/NB-IoT boards systems are supplied with a SIM card with up to 10 years pre-paid connectivity. These SIM cards operate in over 100 countries with multiple networks in each country. SMS and Voice Calls are made via our cloud servers. We offer a choice of local phone numbers in over 150 countries.

Customisable Live Screen

Each device has its own individual webpage showing live data for each input and output. Output relays can be operated from this screen from and device via a web browser. Each input can be named and the message displayed and sent by SMS or email can be changed.

Typical Applications

How can we help you?

  • Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Reset
  • Plant Room Equipment Maintenance
  • Environmental Monitoring Equipment

Our systems are integrated into high street shops burglar and fire alarms for monitoring by head office

We connect remote environment and flood monitoring equipment onto the internet for remote viewing


Our equipment is frequently used by facilities management companies around the world for monitoring pump and air movement equipment in plant rooms

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